With the health platform Abilis  you benefit from numerous advantages, which allow a better monitoring of the health of your patients.

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Daily time-saving activity

Abilis was developed to make your life easier and save time managing the health and well-being of your patient. Possibilities for interacting with your patient, by sending reminders as well as sending alerts on renewal of treatment, making appointments or the possibilities you offer them for purchasing healthcare goods and services, make Abilis an indispensable tool for effective management of the ever-growing demands of your patients.

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Interprofessionality: from theory to reality

Thanks to Abilis, the prospect of being able to optimise your patients’ drug treatments and secure prescriptions and/or delivery of drugs becomes more concrete. Abilis facilitates the analyses of a medication plan (compliance, renewal) and, with authorisation from the patient when they register, allows this information to be shared with other health professionals involved in their therapy.

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Several services in one platform

Abilis offers a large palette of services and benefits which will regularly grow with subsequent versions of the platform. Abilis can also integrate any program or benefit of your choice which will be exclusively offered to your patients or partners. Consequently you will profit from a single interface and a secure environment for your applications (B2B and B2C).

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Direct integration of the EPR

The Abilis health platform is the doorway to the electronic patient record of the national reference community of the same name. A single interface, a single electronic username are a simplified process for you and your teams. The Abilis reference community allows you to easily register a patient. It is compatible with all the other reference communities that are certified by the Confederation.

Certified data protection

With the health platform Abilis  you benefit from numerous advantages, which allow a better monitoring of the health of your patients.


DPCO certification (Ordinance on data protection certification) attests that all the data treatment procedures for which Abilis is responsible conforms to the laws and ordinances on data protection (LPD). It guarantees that the entirety of the personal data are processed in the strictest respect of personal privacy.


ISO 27001 certification relates to the technical measures taken in order to manage the risks linked to management of information systems and use of sensitive information, particularly within datacentres from a private cloud.


GoodPriv@cy® certification is attributed for exemplary execution of data protection and corresponding information security, actively respecting the legal bases relating to data protection (and therefore protection of personality rights) and the principles of contract, including appropriate information security.