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What is Abilis?

Abilis is a secure health platform for the public and for health professionals. Abilis offers a large range of services aiming to improve the quality of care and to help the population manage its health and well-being.

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What is the contents on Abilis?

As an individual, Abilis allows you to access your medical data and to permanently obtain information relevant to your health. Consequently, you may benefit from a true health file that can follow you anywhere, during all of your life and which enables you to take control of your own health.

Abilis is constantly evolving and different functions will be regularly offered to you. In the fist version, you will have a complete view of your current medication plan, the service to order your repeat medication, a list of your allergies and your intolerances, access to invoice history as well as the telemedicine platform “”. Further information

For health professionals, Abilis offers a multitude of innovative features and services that you can discover by clicking here.

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How do you join Abilis?

For individuals, the process of joining health platform must absolutely start in an Abilis partner pharmacy. After visually identifying you and checking your ID, the pharmacy staff will give you a temporary password, which will allow you to obtain a secure electronic identifier (IDP) and activate your account yourself after downloading the mobile app on Google Play or the App Store.

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For health professionals, information requests can be sent through the contact form.

Why do I need to go to a pharmacy to join Abilis?

What makes Abilis both unique and useful is that the information used by the platform is taken directly from your medical file, which is kept up to date by your pharmacy. This is sensitive and personal data, the processing of which much respect certain legal provisions, including the obligation of personal identification in a pharmacy. It is at this cost that the security of your data may be guaranteed and certified.

What is the Electronic patient record (EPR)?

The electronic patient record (EPR) is a collection of data and documents regarding your health, which is bundled together in virtual space. Its goal is to simplify the management of your treatments and promote the quality and safety of care. You, as well as health professionals, may consult this information at any time by using a secure internal connection. You freely decide who may consult which documents.

Further information about the EPR

What is the link between Abilis and the Electronic patient record (EPR)?

The Abilis health platform will offer access to the Electronic patient record (EPR) of the Abilis national reference community. The EPR, which will be available during 2020 according to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), is born of the will of the Federal Authorities to reinforce the interprofessional quality and safety of medical care.

Further information on the EPR

What is “DrNow”?

From the Abilis app, you can access “”, a telemedicine service offering fast medical evaluation by experienced FMH doctors.

Further information on “DrNow

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