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Abilis and the electronic patient record (EPR).

Your Abilis “digital health file” is the first step toward the future electronic patient record (EPR), which will be available in 2020 according to the plan outlined by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). The EPR was created by the federal authorities aiming to reinforce the interprofessional qualities of health care. The Abilis platform will shortly integrate access to the EPR.

Further information on the EPR:

What is Abilis?

Abilis is a secure health platform for the public and for health professionals. Abilis offers a large range of services aiming to improve the quality of care and to help the population manage its health and well-being.

Consult the presentation brochure (in French).

What is the contents on Abilis?

As an individual, Abilis allows you to access your medical data and to permanently obtain information relevant to your health. Consequently, you may benefit from a true health file that can follow you anywhere, during all of your life and which enables you to take control of your own health.

Abilis is constantly evolving and different functions will be regularly offered to you. In the fist version, you will have a complete view of your current medication plan, the service to order your repeat medication, a list of your allergies and your intolerances, access to invoice history as well as the telemedicine platform “”. Further information

For health professionals, Abilis offers a multitude of innovative features and services that you can discover by clicking here.

You may also send us an information request using the contact form.

How do you join Abilis?

For individuals, joining Abilis can be in one of the network member pharmacies by presenting valid proof of identity. The pharmacy will give you electronic identification (IDP) which will allow you to create an Abilis account securely.

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For health professionals, information requests can be made using the contact form.

What is the electronic patient record (EPR)?

The electronic patient record (EPR) is a collection of personnel information, data and documents regarding your health. You, as well as health professionals, may consult this information at any time by using a secure internal connection. You freely decide who may consult which documents.

Further information on the EPR

What is “DrNow”?

From the Abilis app, you can access “”, a telemedicine service offering fast medical evaluation by experienced FMH doctors.

Further information on “DrNow

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