With the Abilis health platform, you will benefit from many advantages that will allow you to better manage your health and well-being.


Better tracking of your health data, for you and your pharmacy

The Abilis platform is also a valuable tool for your Abilis partner pharmacy, providing it with a complete view of the medical data and pharmaceutical file of each of their patients. It holds essential information which allows it to consider the specificities of your file in order to better orient its recommendations and better track your treatments during your visits and throughout your therapy.

By joining Abilis, not only to you allow information exchange between the different professional Abilis partners, broadening the data available to optimise your treatments, but you will also be able to download the Abilis mobile app (Google Play or Apple Store) for free.

Through this app, you can take all your health data with you, which you can, if you wish, share with your different care providers. You no longer need to systematically repeat your entire medical history and there is less risk of forgetting important information!

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Daily time-saver

Abilis as been created to make your life simpler and help you save time managing your health and well-being. You are no longer reliant on your pharmacy’s opening times and are no longer required to systematically make trips.

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Reliable data from professional sources

Contrary to the other application which use data provided by patients themselves, Abilis operates on the quality database provided by health professionals, guaranteeing the reliability and continuity of available information.

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Direct integration of the EPR

From April 2020 (according to the agenda of the Federal Office of Public Health), the Electronic patient record (EPR) will be directly integrated into the Abilis platform. Individuals having registered for this platform will have easy access to the EPR.

Guaranteed security of your data

The Ofac cooperative is committed to guaranteeing the protection of your personal and medical data within Abilis. Through Ofac, Abilis holds ISO 27001, DPCO and GoodPriv@cy certifications, awarded by The Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS), showing adherence to the current standards.


DPCO certification (Ordinance on data protection certification) attests that all the data treatment procedures for which Abilis is responsible conforms to the laws and ordinances on data protection (LPD). It guarantees that the entirety of the personal data are processed in the strictest respect of personal privacy.


ISO 27001 certification relates to the technical measures taken in order to manage the risks linked to management of information systems and use of sensitive information, particularly within datacentres from a private cloud.


GoodPriv@cy® certification is attributed for exemplary execution of data protection and corresponding information security, actively respecting the legal bases relating to data protection (and therefore protection of personality rights) and the principles of contract, including appropriate information security.