Abilis is a secure and free digital health platform available as a mobile application or through a web portal.

Health simplified for all

Abilis offers you many services related to your health and well-being allowing you to simplify daily life. Are you under chronic treatment? Are you healthy and wish to remain healthy? Do you manage your entire family’s health? Whatever your expectations, Abilis is the ideal tool to help you better manage your health and that of your loved ones.

By joining Abilis, you will have the following services available:

  • All-hour access to your complete medication plan.
  • Simplified ordering process for renewable drugs.
  • Notifications when prescription renewal or drug renewal is required.
  • Pharmacy invoice history.
  • Information related to any possible allergies/intolerances.
  • Telemedicine platform run by FMH doctors.

These functions are particularly useful for patients with chronic illness(es). They allow for better management of treatment(s), in tight collaboration with their pharmacist.
New functions will regularly be added to the Abilis app. Specifically planned:

  • Ordering drugs from a scanned prescription
  • Centralised management of the Abilis account for family members
  • Access to Abilis partner pharmacy webshops
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Transmission and synchronisation of data taken by connected devices.
  • Etc.

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The electronic patient record coming soon to Abilis

From April 2020, the Abilis health platform will offer access to the electronic patient record (EPR) of the national reference community also called Abilis. The EPR is born of the willingness of the federal authorities to reinforce the quality of medical care, improve therapeutic processes, increase patient security, improve the effectiveness of the health system and promote the development of the health competencies of the patient.

It specifically consists of a group of medical documents and information regarding patient health (radiographies, vaccination record, prescriptions, discharge letters, etc.). This data can be consulted by the patient themselves and by health professionals given access authorisation by the patient.

From the moment the EPR is activated, people registering for the Abilis health platform will therefore benefit from a simplified procedure allowing them easy access to their EPR.

An Ofac initiative

Abilis was born at the instigation of Ofac, the professional cooperative of Swiss pharmacists. Founded in 1963, Ofac's mission is to help pharmacies reach new horizons and to encourage them to meet new challenges. With Abilis, Ofac shows their willingness to broaden their competencies and provide the whole population with a unique health tool that corresponds perfectly with their needs and responds to the current trends in digital health.